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Molokai Deerhorn Jewelery

Butch's front yard fence contains about ten old surfboards as post/art, never seen a fence quite like it. Those boards-of-many-dings wore out over the years in pursuit of perfect waves. When he isn't surfing, he's carving a variety of animals out of Moloka'i deerhorn.

Butch is able to gather his material by carefully walking in the kiawe tree groves (a very yowch thorny tree). The deer enjoy the seedpods which scatter in the brisk tradewinds among the kiawe. Seasonally, they most considerately drop antlers as a token of their appreciation.


The horn has been carved and made into pendants worn both by men and women. A lightweight circlet of brown twine or black leather, 21" circumference, comes with the pendant, a clean and simple match. Your choice of pendants: $35.00, an ivory/cream color, weighing about 1/2 an ounce.

Fish Hook

This pendant is probably the most popular and unusual. It is based on the ancient Hawaiian carvings from bone. The hooks were not ceremonial or decorative but were used to catch food for the family. The pendant is sharp (looking) and sure to catch the eye, figuratively, of a friend. It is unlikely that you have seen anything like this on the mainland. 3/4" by 1 3/4" ish


These turtles commonly seen in the waters around the islands are also extremely popular.

Canoe Paddle


Whale's Tale


Beaded Necklace


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