Welcome to our new web page. My name is Tuddie (2D) Purdy and I really like this cyberspace idea. Our farm is on the island of Moloka'i in Hawaii. If you ever REALLY visit our island, please make sure to stop by.
In the 1920's a grove of fifty macadamia nut trees was planted on one acre in Ho'olehua on the island of Moloka'i. The Purdy family acquired the grove through the Hawaiian Homestead Act. This law has provided opportunity for (some) people of Hawaiian ancestry to return to the land.

In 1980 the Purdys began to produce macadamias as a family business. The entire family helps maintain the trees and gather and prepare the nuts. We are constantly expanding the grove and planting new trees as demand has been greater than the supply. We continue to keep our business a small and personal family style enterprise.

We have for sale NATURAL macadamia nuts as well as mac-nut honey. The Purdy's hope you enjoy our "Na Hua 'O Ka Aina" (Fruits of the Land). We will be adding pictures and other things during the next couple of months. See you again and thanks for stopping by!

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